This $11 Course Helps You Master Microsoft Excel

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From engineering to finance, there are countless jobs that involve working with spreadsheets, formulae and charts. Yet how many of us have really mastered these number-crunching skills? Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced is a four-part course that brings you up to speed. Through 15 hours of tutorials, you learn the software inside out and earn certification. You can get the course now for $ 10.99 via MakeUseOf Deals.

In-Depth Training

For most people, Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software. It’s an app you open when you need to check the company rota or add up a few bills. But Excel is capable of so much more.

This training helps you unlock the full power of Excel and gain useful professional skills. The videos start from scratch, so you don’t need any previous experience — but you will find yourself making quick progress.

Along the way, you discover how to analyze large data sets and create effective visualizations. The training also shows you how to create and format spreadsheets, build dynamic reports using PivotTables, and automate daily tasks using macros and VBA.

These skills are vital if you plan to work in finance, sales, marketing, or science — although they will make any résumé stand out. To prove your knowledge, you can claim a certificate of completion at the end of this course.

15 Hours for $ 10.99

It’s worth $ 149.99, but you can grab this Excel training now for just $ 10.99 — and you can use code MERRY15 for an extra 15% off.

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