How Washie Helps Keep Your Car Squeaky Clean

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MakeUseOf is expanding its repertoire of apps! Earlier in 2018, we brought you NeedHave, an app to connect donors with those in need, and Obliviate, an app for sending self-destructing messages. Now we’re excited to announce the release of our newest app: Washie. Read on to see what Washie does and how to use it.

Download: Washie for Android | iOS (Free)

What Is Washie?

Washie is a straightforward iOS and Android app that helps you make sure you never wash your car right before a storm again.

There’s nothing worse than spending money on a car wash (or taking the time to do it yourself), only to have rain ruin it the next day. Not only does this waste time, but it’s a waste of money to wash your car when it’s not needed.

Washie provides you with a seven-day forecast and gives you a clear Yes or No on whether you should get a car wash. If there’s rain or snow scheduled in the next week, the app will recommend you avoid getting a wash.

But you don’t even have to check the app manually. Washie will automatically notify you when it’s a good day for a wash. And if you like, you can change the number of days ahead that Washie warns you of rain.

Let’s look at how Washie works.

Using Washie

Washie Car Wash App Main Screen

Download Washie from the App Store and open it on your device. You’ll have to grant the app permission to send notifications and use your location before proceeding, or the app won’t work as intended.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see Washie’s main screen. Slide the car from the left side of the screen to the right to see if you should wash your car today.

This reveals Washie’s home screen, with a big Yes or No answering whether you should wash your car. You’ll see the seven-day forecast below, with each day’s temperature and conditions. If any of the next seven days calls for rain or snow, you shouldn’t wash your car.

Washie Settings

Washie Car Wash App Settings

Tap the three-bar Menu button at the top-right of Washie’s main screen to open its settings. Here, you can toggle a few options:

  • Weather criteria: Decide how many consecutive rain-free days Washie will check when recommending a wash.
  • Wash reminders: Turn this off if you don’t want to see a notification when it’s a good day for a wash.
  • Units: Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperature readings.

You’ll also see links to share the app with friends, check out MakeUseOf’s other apps, get in contact with the developers, or rate the app.

To return to the main screen from Settings, just swipe in from the left side of the screen.

Washie Saves You Time and Money

Washie is a simple app designed to make car washes simple. The automated reminders mean you don’t have to manually check if it’s going to rain in the next week, saving you time. And by avoiding washing your car right before a storm, you save money by getting the most out of your wash.

So if you’re tired of rain ruining your shiny clean car and don’t want to plan a schedule for getting your car washed, let Washie do the work. Your car will thank you!

Download: Washie for Android | iOS (Free)

Image Credit: baranq/Depositphotos