5 Instagram Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Whether it’s checking out someone’s profile picture in full size or using Instagram without having an account, these third-party apps and tools level up your Instagram game.

Most of these apps fill a need that Instagram has ignored to address or could be upcoming features, like the ability to create custom stickers, or planning your feed so you know how your profile will look.

Fair warning, though. Instagram has a history of changing its API often, which can break apps like this. Given how the apps in this list work, they should be fine. But in case any of them isn’t working, be patient and check again in a couple of days for the developer to fix it.

GramBig (Web): View Full-Size Profile Pictures

GramBig shows full size photos of instagram profile pictures

GramBig is the answer to one of the strange restrictions Instagram has applied. Right now, if a user changes their profile picture, you can’t see the picture in its full size. You only see the little thumbnail. Tapping it takes you to the user’s Stories or profile picture.

If you want to see the full-size picture, head to GramBig. Key in the username and in an instant, you’ll get a large image of that tiny thumbnail. GramBig works with both private and public profiles since even with private profiles, the profile picture is open for anyone to see.

GramBig also lets you check what people have recently viewed, as well as the most-viewed profile pictures. It’s not particularly useful, but you might discover new users to follow that way.

Story Templates by Kapwing (Web): Easily Create Gorgeous Stories

Kapwing's story templates make it eay to create beautiful instagram stories

Instagram doesn’t let you edit multiple images into one story, or create beautiful collages with text. Story Templates by Kapwing is a super easy desktop web app to make stunning Stories with no design skills.

There are three basic steps. You select a template (and choose colors) for the style in which to add multiple images, GIFs, or videos. You can upload those images from your computer or even add a link.

Next, edit the image or video. You don’t get to add filters, but you can apply basic edits like cropping, trimming the video, changing the size of the image, and so on.

Finally, if you want, add text. The app offers several text templates already which look gorgeous and are paired with the right font combinations. But if you want to customize fonts, you can do that too.

Your final version is ready to download and turn into an Instagram Story. It’ll come with a Kapwing watermark, but you can remove that for a price.

Unfold (Android, iOS): Story Templates on Mobile

Story Templates by Kapwing is a browser app that you use on desktops or laptops. If you want something similar on mobile, then Unfold is what you’re looking for.

In some ways, it’s actually better if you want to design a multiple page story. In Unfold, you create a collection, and then start adding pages to that collection. Each page can be a different type of template with multiple images or videos.

Apart from how you place them in the template, you can’t trim videos or edit photos in this one, so make sure you do that beforehand. You can still add captions though, and Unfold has as many cool options and font collections as Kapwing’s tool.

Plus, Unfold doesn’t have any watermarks for the final image either. But yeah, there are in-app purchases for more than the basic set of templates.

Download: Unfold for Android | iOS (Free)

AnySticker (Android, iOS): Create Your Own Custom Stickers

Stickers are the little elements you see on Stories, which can be a simple message, a question, or even a poll. But you only get to choose from what Instagram already has. Until AnySticker came along…

AnySticker lets you create your own stickers, which can be a great way to make your Instagram Stories stand out. Fire up the app and create a sticker whether you can customize the icon, the text, and the color of the text. That’s all you can change for now.

Once you’re done, save your sticker (if you plan to reuse it in the future). Then in the app, go to your gallery to add it to an image. Finally, your new image can be uploaded to Instagram. It’s quite easy and AnySticker will guide you through the process.

Download: AnySticker for Android | iOS (Free)

Filtergram (Web): Use Instagram Without An Account

Filtergram lets you use Instagram without an account

Much like any of the other major social network, Instagram is a privacy nightmare. It uses subtle ways to spy on you, gathering data about users all the time. Filtergram is a simple way to use Instagram without an account.

Here’s how it works. You sign up for a Filtergram account and start following Instagram accounts on it. You’ll see the picture and the caption for any new or old post, but you won’t get to read comments. You can even “like” a picture by adding it to your Favorites for later.

Filtergram is completely web-based, so you won’t get notifications, it won’t track your location, and it’s generally much safer to use than Instagram. Of course, you can’t post or comment.

It’s an ideal app for passive users and lurkers who simply want to follow certain accounts while still maintaining their own privacy.

Fix Other Instagram Annoyances

The minute you use any of these apps, you’ll instantly wonder why Instagram doesn’t let you do this in the first place. These are helpful features that almost any Instagram user would appreciate, whether as part of the app or as a second tool made by the company.

In fact, Instagram has always been a bit restrictive in how you can use it. If there are other things you find frustrating about the social network, try these other apps to fix annoying or missing Instagram features.

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